Safety and prevention

Safety and prevention

Our environment-controlled ripening and storage rooms, our exclusive patented process, our efficient and environmentally friendly technologies, and our rigorous quality control… all guarantee the exceptional freshness and quality of our products for our customers.

A completely safe workspace

Our facilities are all part of an overall sanitized environment which adhere to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Control Points) standards, a system based on seven principles that help identify, assess and control the three classes of dangerous food hygiene hazards: biological hazards (viruses, bacteria, etc.), chemical hazards (pesticides, additives, etc.) and physical hazards.

Our environment-controlled ripening and storage rooms are subject to very strict standards. These standards relate to overall work attire — the compulsory wearing of hairnets and beard nets, the forbidding of jewellery, the antibacterial disinfection of shoes —, as well as other hygienic measures such as compulsory hand washing and the disinfection of work surfaces.

Finally, to support our very high food safety standards, Groupe Tomapure’s food disinfection process uses our advanced electrostatic UV technology that sprays a controlled mixture of water and sanitizer such as broad spectrum peroxyacetic acid — a derivative of vinegar and an ecological product that complies with environmental standards and Health Canada (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) standards. Using this technology we can significantly reduce deposits and the presence of microorganisms such as salmonella, listeria monocytogenes, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, bacillus, yeasts, molds and others. The result? Products that meet MAPAQ standards and, more importantly, the needs of consumers.

Rigorous quality control

To ensure a flawless process and complete product safety, all production stages are subject to regular and rigorous quality controls, and microanalyses are performed on both incoming and outgoing products. With help from our in-house and outside laboratories, we periodically analyze the cleanliness of the surfaces on work stations, tools and equipment.

In addition to these in-house spot inspections, Groupe Tomapure performs regular audits to ensure that health and safety standards are followed and applied at all stages of the process to ensure consistent quality of procedures and products. Audits are also carried out methodically and independently by specialized and renowned external firms such as Steritech, Silliker, USDA or David Fresh (a subsidiary of NSF International) to ensure compliance with standards established by Groupe Tomapure, its client partners as well as standards currently in effect throughout the industry.

Groupe Tomapure requires a Canadian and U.S. FSA (Food Safety Audit) from all of its suppliers in order to ensure that their products, both local or imported, meet the standards and conditions governing food safety. These suppliers must also ensure traceability of their products at all times.

Groupe Tomapure cares about the environment and makes every effort to protect the ecosystem through, among others, a waste management program and the use of products that meet the latest environmental standards.

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