About us

Groupe Tomapure

Groupe Tomapure is a Quebec-based family business founded in 2005 by Daniel, Guy and Michel Larivée. The company offers consumers a variety of fresh, washed and ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables with optimal shelf life through its many partnerships in the retail and foodservice industries. Thanks to the outstanding quality of its products, its innovative production methods and its dynamic, highly experienced team, Groupe Tomapure has successfully established itself on the Canadian market and in the Northeastern United States in only a few years.

Discover a world of leading Canadian food safety… where great taste, freshness and well-being are cultivated every day.

Our mission

Groupe Tomapure’s food safety research and development department has developed a patented, state-of-the-art technology unique to Canada. As a result, we guarantee foodservice and retail industries that our food products are completely safe, offer exceptional quality, and meet the ever-changing nutritional needs of consumers. Our facilities allow us to process our fruits and our vegetables in an entirely germ-free environment according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) requirements, and all of our production stages undergo rigorous, diligent checks.

Groupe Tomapure cares about the environment and makes every effort to protect the ecosystem through, among others, a waste management program and the use of products that meet the latest environmental standards.

Our vision

Groupe Tomapure is constantly innovating its food safety practices by developing leading edge technologies and implementing the necessary measures needed to make its products safer and ready for immediate consumption.

With an already strong presence in the foodservice industry, Groupe Tomapure now aims to make its ready-to-eat products — Tomapure, Fruitpure et Végépure — available to a much greater number of consumers. In doing so, we will meet the growing needs of consumers who want simplicity and healthy eating.

Our values

Respect for employees
At Groupe Tomapure, our employees are our greatest asset. In fact, their daily contributions as well as their talent and expertise are the cornerstone of our success. As such, Groupe Tomapure promotes personal growth and development of its employees through continuing education programs, off-site outings that foster professional interaction outside the work environment, and a variety of measures to help them balance work and family life.

Respect for the customer
Our customers are our number one priority. So we go to great lengths to build long-term and rewarding business relationships by continuously going above and beyond what is required of us in providing exceptional service and quality products that meet their expectations.

At Groupe Tomapure, it is essential that personal and professional dealings exist seamlessly and are carried out with mutual respect for one another.

Groupe Tomapure embraces a proactive approach. Every employee can play a role in the company’s growth through ideas, project suggestions and more. Brainstorming sessions and email exchanges allow them to participate in the decision-making process. Prior to launching a new product, each department is consulted to obtain feedback from employees, and all comments—whether related to products, logistics, work premises or tools—are taken into consideration. For example, following a recent suggestion from our production team, we raised the height of our food washing machine to reduce the risk of back injuries.

Like many companies today, we’re sensitive to the realities of life. As such, we have implemented specific measures and created a favourable climate that allow employees to better balance work life with family life. Employees may even create their work schedules according to the needs of their family life.

Groupe Tomapure contributes significantly to the communities in which it operates through a strong social commitment and support.

Our corporate social responsibility

In November 2006, a charity committee was set up within the company to help organize yearly volunteer fundraising activities in aid of MED: wash-a-thons, spaghetti dinners, fundraising dinners, and even “jean Fridays”.

To date, over $16,000 has been donated to various foundations.

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