Learn more about our production methods!

Learn more about our production methods!

March 6, 2020

Any good store or supermarket must stock fresh fruit and vegetables for its customers. At Groupe Tomapure, making it possible for these establishments to offer top-quality fruits and vegetables is our number one priority. Our patented production methods guarantee safer and fresher produce. Our “ready-to-eat” designation takes on its full meaning in this context.

Our various production methods

The exclusive patented process we’ve set up makes it possible for us to offer top-quality fruits and vegetables to our customers. Controlled-atmosphere ripening and storage rooms, eco-friendly and efficient technological advances and rigorous quality control require a complex and well-thought-out process that guarantees fresh and safe produce all year round.


Production zones

At Groupe Tomapure, we operate two production areas. The first is a fruit and vegetable cleaning and packaging area where products are sorted, washed, sanitized, debacterialized and dried before being packaged according to industry standards. The second is a custom packaging area designed to meet the needs of our foodservice customers who require specific formats or to meet the diverse needs of their consumers. A team of more than 40 conscientious and diligent employees work in our warehouses to ensure the quality of our products.

Production steps

To further demonstrate our food safety processing methods, here is the first step in our production chain, which consists of three main phases that run from product reception to disinfection.

Phase 1
Everything starts with system procurement, i.e. receiving produce at our facilities. Produce is then carefully sorted according to colour, ripeness and quality. Through this approach, we ensure that all products comply with our extremely high-quality standards.

Phase 2
Next, selected produce is sent to the washing station where it is cleaned using an electrostatic technology; eight jet nozzles spray a controlled mixture of water and sanitizer (Chinook) such as broad-spectrum, vinegar-derived acetic acid — an environmentally friendly product that meets environmental and Health Canada (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) standards on the fruits and vegetables. Afterwards, an air knife system dries the produce.

Phase 3
The crucial disinfection phase is carried out by applying advanced UV technology for at least six seconds, the minimum exposure time required to destroy the bacteria and microorganisms. With this technology, we can significantly reduce deposits and microorganisms such as salmonella, listeria monocytogenes, E. coli, staphylococcus aureus, bacillus, yeasts, moulds and such. Research has shown that the shelf life of vegetables treated with this patented technology can be extended by up to seven days, depending on the environment, compared to the shelf life of an ordinary unwashed vegetable. This process delivers produce that not only meets MAPAQ standards, but also satisfies the needs of the consumer.

Our R&D investments have enabled us to set up an electrostatic nozzle spray station. This highly innovative technology allows us to reach and wash all produce surfaces with greater efficiency, thereby increasing our leadership position in the ready-to-eat (RTE) category. Furthermore, this system reduces our water-sanitizer consumption by about 80%, which is in line with our sustainable development program. It is of note to point out that the boxes we use are sprayed in the same way to avoid any risk of contamination.

Finally, we can state that our produce is safer than untreated organic produce. The sanitizer we use for spraying and soaking fruits and vegetables is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). That’s why we can guarantee customers our products are ready-to-eat. In short, choosing Groupe Tomapure means choosing a trustworthy, top-quality partner.

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