Groupe Tomapure, fully dedicated to its employees’ French-language development

Groupe Tomapure, fully dedicated to its employees’ French-language development

February 5, 2020

Based in Laval since 2005, Groupe Tomapure is very active in the community. The company offers French classes to its employees who were born abroad to help them integrate into the workplace as well as into Quebec society. Learn more about how Groupe Tomapure supports its employees through French classes and why we feel it’s important for companies to offer such services.

A few immigration statistics for Laval
In Quebec, Laval is the second city with the most newcomers. More than 96,000 immigrants have made Laval their new home, which represents close to 25% of the city’s population. Their arrival poses a sizable challenge, both for companies looking to hire these people, but also for future employees who do not always speak French well enough to hold a position in a company where French is the language most often spoken on a daily basis.

Even though some government programs are already available to enable immigrants to learn French, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time and motivation to take courses while looking for a job to support a family. In addition, the language barrier is a major obstacle when it comes to navigating the many administrative procedures involved. Although the government is banking on francization in the workplace, only 240 Quebec companies out of 258,000 offer on-site French courses, including Groupe Tomapure. Our managers want to give employees the best possible chance to integrate successfully into the company, while at the same time enabling them to carry out actions that may seem trivial to us, such as going to the hospital, filling out official documents or conversing with neighbours.

Francization at Groupe Tomapure
As an active stakeholder in the integration of its employees newly arrived in Canada, Groupe Tomapure makes it possible for them to enroll in Qualificaction French classes. Qualificaction provides customized training to help newcomers gain a better command of the language. Thus, employees who need French courses are classified according to their level and are entitled to two two-hour sessions per week to follow courses adapted to their needs, completely free of charge.

Before the classes kick off, Qualificaction assesses each individual’s situation in order to recommend a personalized training plan. Then, the Qualificaction trainer comes directly to the workplace, which saves employees unnecessary travel time. Groupe Tomapure knows that it’s not always easy to combine work, family life and language courses in the evenings, which is why we aim to allow our staff to maximize their time, while supporting them in the complex process of learning the French language.

At Groupe Tomapure, we take the well-being of our employees to heart. This is why we want to offer all our personnel a stimulating and positive work environment, where everyone has a chance to grow. We believe that everyone is equal, regardless of their background and the language they speak. We want to build a close and trust-based relationship with our teams, while empowering them to develop their full potential. It’s a simple gesture, but one that undoubtedly has advantages both for us and for all those who benefit from French courses adapted to their needs.

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