October 15, 2019

Even if the fruits and vegetables you buy seem very clean, you must clean them thoroughly before eating or cooking them. In so doing, you eliminate pesticides and any impurities that may be on the peel. Here are a few simple tips to ensure the fruits and vegetables you eat are safe. More »

September 14, 2017

The second edition of our chefs’ s garden happy hour took place September 5.  The event was a huge success thanks to the participation of many chefs, Hector Larivée and Groupe Tomapure employees and the presence of chef Valérie Deblois.  Together, they cooked up a storm with produce from o… More »

September 7, 2017

LOV restaurant’s chef, Stéphanie Audet, recently visited Artisans des saveurs’ chefs’ garden and spent many hours discovering new flavours in the field and cooking delicious dishes with the freshly picked produce together with her sous-chef! Thanks for the delightful visit! … More »